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Syllabus on inside cover

syllabus for interactive notebook

This is what I’m going to use this year. I opened it up at the middle and stapled it twice at the fold. Then I taped the back green page to the inside cover of the notebook.

Here is an editable word document and a pdf of it.

syllabus for interactive notebook word document

syllabus for interactive notebook pdf

Make sure to print this double sided, flipped along the short edge. If you can’t figure that out, just print it single sided and then turn every other page 180 degrees, then send through the printer again doing a normal double sided copy.


Blogging Time!

I’m excited to get started. I have been wanting to start a blog for my math teaching. I have decided to do this because of a co-worker of mine. She is awesome and blogs here. At our high school I am the Geometry teacher and this year the Trigonometry and Pre-Calc teacher. Those are the main topics you will see this school year. Feel free to leave me comments and advice. It is all welcome!