What do you do when they just don’t care?

Last week I gave finals to my high school students. I was “blessed” this semester to have a couple of students repeat my class. One of which really tried this time. He only had to repeat first semester and passed with a C.

That’s a great math grade for him! Seeing as though he was a senior in Geometry.

The other student was taken out of my class last year before the end of the third quarter. He had a 4% with no chance of passing the semester. He had already failed first semester.

This year he started off turning in homework and getting A’s and B’s on tests. I was super proud of him. Then one day he just stopped trying. He never turned in another assignment, but he barely passed the tests. I tried talking to him and he’d just shrug at me.

Well Friday was his final for the semester. How do you think he did?

HE SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE HOUR AND A HALF. When I woke him up 4 times he would just sit there. About 10 minutes until the end of the test I woke him up and just stood there trying to get him to answer one question, any question on his test. He just sat there. The bell rang and he walked out.

If he would have answered 33 out of the 60 questions right on the final he would have passed my class. It was multiple choice for crying out loud. At least fill in some bubbles.

I talked to the principal about it because this semester he is my ONLY F. (I can’t believe I have just 1.) And even the principal is at a loss. He said he has talked to him and the boy just doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if he passes, he doesn’t care if he graduates.

This saddens me greatly. What can I do to help this student? HELP?


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