Students Teaching Students

Our schedule this week consisted of Monday-Wednesday on the normal schedule and Thursday and Friday on a Finals schedule. For the first three days of the week I didn’t want to worksheet my students to death with review packet after review packet. Though I’d love to do that. How easy for me, right?

Amy Gruen, a fellow math teacher at the high school I teach at, gave me a great idea.

Give them one review packet and then have them start teaching each other.

I probably translated the assignment different than she did, but oh well. I think my activity turned out great. At least I felt that way when students came in the day of the final and said it helped them a lot.

So here is the activity!

I gave them that HUGE dreaded review packet (almost exactly like what their final will look like) on Monday. That day they were to just sit and work the problems they knew how to do and skip the rest. No notes, no help, nothing. At least not until the last part of class when they already completed the ones they could remember how to do.

Tuesday I assigned them 2 problems each from the packet. They were to make sure they mastered those two problems and then make an educreations video explaining each of those problems. I set up a different educreations account for Geometry, Advanced Geometry, and Trig. That also meant that first I had to set up an email for each of those, but hey, google doesn’t seem to mind that I have a ton of those.

educreations student review

They were to post their 2 videos onto that subjects account. That way if another student was at home working on this they could just get on the account and watch the video for that problem and BOOM, they get it, hopefully!

Wednesday some students still needed to finish their videos, so they did that and/or worked on their packet.

Overall, it seemed very productive. Students seemed to enjoy doing it. During class I also saw a student or two watch other student’s videos first instead of coming straight to me for help.

I think this week was easier on me and them, than it would have been if we just did worksheets all day, everyday!


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