Where do they go?

Every year I face the choices of what battles I will pick to fight with my students. No, I don’t go to blows with them. I like my job. But there are some rules that some teachers enforce that I find, in my classroom, can cause other problems.

I know this, because I’ve tried them. Maybe I’m just not the best enforcer when it comes to certain things.

This year I chose to throw out my rule of no drinking and eating in my class until it becomes a problem. I’m just tired of getting on the students about it. And I want and snack and a drink every now and again, so what is the harm, really?

I am also really tired of getting on students about not having a pencil for class. So last year I decided to use tin cans covered with colored duct tape. My desks were pushed into pairs of 2, so for every pair I put a can = 12 cans. Each can had 2 pencils, 2 red pens, 1 eraser. All of which were duct taped to a plastic eating utensil. I thought, “This will be great! No one will have any excuses for not being ready for class.”

It turned out to be a great failure. By the end of the first semester I had 2 pencils left, 4 pens, 6 erasers and even a can went missing. This all happened with me talking to them everyday about how that stuff is mine, I have it there for them to use, but please return it for the next class.

Needless to say, the next semester they had to bring their own pencil or ask another student for one. I still had some students who refused to ask others. Geesh! I don’t get it.

At the end of the year I asked the shop teacher to make me a holder for around 10 pencils. He made me one and it holds 11. PERFECT!

12-19-13 pencilsNow I’m not battling students who don’t have a pencil, but mysteriously about 8-9 of those pencils go missing by the end of the day. First semester I went through every pencil I ordered through the school. And I thought that would last me a couple of years.

What’s the deal kids? Your high schoolers. Sophomores. Juniors. And Seniors. Be responsible.

Any advise from other teachers out there helping me with my pencil problem? I’m up for trying anything. HELP! SAVE THE PENCILS! and my sanity.



One thought on “Where do they go?”

  1. When you find out, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, let me know! I face this same battle every day!

    Now–that being said–I teach 4th graders. I tease them and mention that I think they are eating them! I’ve made a new rule: You don’t leave the classroom until you have a sharpened pencil, and you may not reenter without one. This has decreased the “lost” pencils significantly, but I’m still missing quite a few at the end of the day. : /

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